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The biggest R&D investment in the company’s history opens doors for test runs and demos in OVD clad deposition and sintering systems.

Rosendahl Nextrom’s newest venture on our R&D lines was to setup a Preform R&D Center at our own facilities in Vantaa, Finland. This is Nextrom’s biggest R&D investment to date.

The need for optical fiber is constantly rising, so preforms are also in high demand. Their availability is essential for smooth and effective production. This requires an increase in preform production performance and even new technology investments. Having our own facility for testing machines and improving processes is a huge advantage for us and our customers. We have the competency to provide remote support with the manufacturer’s parameters from our own facility, allowing even greater flexibility for all parties involved – also during commissioning at the production site.

The Preform R&D Center consists of an OFC 05 Horizontal OVD Clad Deposition System and an OFC 08 Clad Sintering System. This enables us to run OVD Cladding process trials with full-sized preforms. Nextrom offers commercial solutions for OVD cladding of 150 mm in diameter and various sizes in length.

We were very eager get to this point. Thanks to our highly competent team packed with professionals from different backgrounds, we were able to deliver this high-tech solution for preform manufacturing. As construction is now finished, test runs and demos are available for our partners and customers. At the same time, we provide trainings and joint development projects.
Trials are undertaken on a regular basis at our Preform R&D Center. Various partners and suppliers are involved in testing to try out, for example, new technologies and materials to enhance the OVD process even further.

Nextrom’s OVD Clad Deposition System

The OVD Deposition System is an economical way to overclad core preforms. Nextrom’s OFC 05 Horizontal OVD Clad Deposition System is a dual-spindle cladding system for a deposition rate of 240g/min. As a standard, the Nextrom OVD systems use D4 (OMCTS) as a raw material and CH4 as a burner gas. D4 is a halide-free material that reduces the investment level by only having a particle filter on the exhaust, without an expensive gas washer. The combination of D4 and CH4 leads to the lowest direct operating costs. Optionally, SiCl4 can be used as a raw material and H2 as a burner gas.

Clad Sintering and Degassing Systems

Both the single and dual Nextrom OFC 08 Clad Sintering Systems are designed for cladded preforms to sinter the soot body to solid vitrified, high-strength, high-quality glass with low OH content.

The Nextrom OFC 09 Clad Degassing System removes trapped gases and relaxes the sintered preform. The modular design of the OFC 09 Degassing System is adjustable to different preform sizes. Both single and dual lines are available. The overcladded mother preform can optionally be stretched on the Nextrom OFC17 Preform Stretching System.

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