Our Test Laboratory

Fiber Drawing Demonstrations in Vantaa

1_Test Laboratory
Having an opportunity to demonstrate technology is essential for both the supplier and the purchaser. And we of Rosendahl Nextrom Oy are enthusiasts when it comes to proofing what we are capable of.

As a worldwide leader for turn-key manufacturing solutions for optical preforms, fibers and fiber optic cables we have our OFC 20 Fiber Draw Line installed in-house in Vantaa. This enables us to further develop the fiber technology on-site to the next level.
Having the opportunity to test different parameters, materials, preforms – to name a few – has provided us with great results – the drawn fibers show perfect cure levels and geometry which are important indicators for high quality fiber drawing.

With our OFC 20 Draw Tower we have the opportunity to support remotely by simulating our customer´s production process. Thus, we are able to further enhance their production and technology in our own facility.

We are demonstrating our R&D Draw Tower already since over 10 years with excellent draw performances. Trials are done on a regular basis with our in-house technology. It is essential to test new technologies and materials from different partners and suppliers. By doing that we stay one step ahead and add value to our customer’s production process.

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