OFC 21

3-Die system for low tension

Nextrom’s OFC21 high-speed ribbon line is a compact system offering state-of-the-art optical fiber-coating and fiber-handling technology. It is set up for 2 to 24 fiber ribbons or slit-type ribbons with up to 36 fibers. Even at a speed of 1000 m/min, the ribbons are of high quality with accurate dimensions and excellent optical properties.

Ribbon coating with high concentricity

Coating concentricity and constant dimensions are essential for high-quality ribbons. In order to achieve these goals, the system disposes of a pressurized coating system with accurate temperature and pressure control. It has an integrated cleaning system for minimal maintenance and fast start-ups. Also, in between the runs, the coater does not require any adjustments, which supports continuous production for a wide range of materials.

3-die system for low tension

The applicator disposes of a pressurized 3-die system. The OFC21 ribbon coater has three separate dies to reduce tension during the ribbon process. This allows for high production speeds with minimal stress on the fibers. High accuracy and durability are delivered by the ALD coating technique.

The ribbon production process

After the coating process, the ribbon is cured in a high-power UV-curing system. UV-curable acrylates facilitate a production speed of up to 1000 m/min. The power of each lamp is adjusted automatically according to the line speed and product type.
The compact size and planarity are achieved by the line’s tension control, UV-distribution in the curing phase and die design. Planarity supports easy and quick ribbon splicing.

Key processes:

KAP Fiber Pay-offIndividually and precisely controlled fiber tension levels
Control SystemOperating parameters and alarms are monitored, data logging system for product/process optimization
Split Ribbon Tandem ProcessTwo ribbon coating systems that run simultaneously
LCD On-line ColoringHandling and storing of the colored fiber, dual-dimension measuring system, continuous filling system
KFRT 55 Ribbon Take-upLine recipe system automatically loads the correct parameters prior to start, adjustable for various spool types
Optional printingIntegrates any common ink jet printer into the line control system


Line Speed, Max.:1000 m/min

Process speed, Ribbons

RibbonsProcess SpeedPlanarity
4-Fiber Ribbon800 m/min≤ 20 µm
8-Fiber Ribbon700 m/min≤ 30 µm
12-Fiber Ribbon600 m/min≤ 35 µm
24-Fiber Ribbon400 m/min≤ 50 µm

Process speed, Split Ribbons

Split RibbonsProcess SpeedPlanarity
Split 4f+4f400 m/min≤ 40 µm
Split 8f+8f400 m/min≤ 50 µm
Split 12f+12f300 m/min≤ 50 µm
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