OFC45 Ribbon Tube Secondary Coating Line

Rosendahl Nextrom’s OFC 45 ribbon tube buffering line manufactures jelly-filled or totally dry ribbon tubes with typically 4 to 36 ribbons. It is a very flexible production line for use with a variety of products, e.g. multipurpose loose or central tubes. The line also allows for optional fiber bundles-in-tube extrusion with fiber pay-offs and binders.




RST 300 – Rotating Ribbon Pay-off

RST 300 is a rigid frame strander for high-speed helical ribbon applications. One RST 300 unit consists of 6 to 18 pay-offs that are easy to thread up. Each ribbon pay-off is motor-driven and tension-controlled, which leads to excellent tension accuracy at speeds of 300 rpm. The ribbon tension control, along with the advanced process control system, provides high yields during production. The extended fleeting angle in the ribbon bath allows for high-fiber count ribbons, up to 36 fibers in one ribbon. The production line typically consists of 1 or 2 frames, and a frame can be operated individually or in synchronized master/slave mode. The ribbon pay-off can also be equipped with high-speed counters to monitor ribbon excess length online during a production run.

Jelly Tubes

The jelly filling system (thixotropic and non-thixotropic) is used for continuous filling of ribbon tubes. It consists of an actual jelly temperature measurement and closed-loop jelly temperature control to ensure stabile jelly viscosity and excess length control. Before production starts, the jelly is continuously circulated from the storage vessel to the jelly stand. This ensures that the jelly has stabilized regarding jelly viscosity and pressure, even before production starts.

Dry Tubes with Vacuum Calibration Unit

The VCU 30 vacuum calibration unit supports the manufacturing of dry ribbon tubes on the OFC45 line. The stainless steel cooling trough with a vacuum section calibrates the tubes especially for fiber-optic cable applications. The vacuum device enables high stability and accuracy of the tube dimensions. The complete trough is movable longitudinally on rails for free access to the extrusion crosshead and the calibrator. This movement is done automatically according to the actual production speed. The right vacuum level is automatically adjusted. Also, the water flow at the tube’s first contact point is adjusted with high precision. The water flow is distributed evenly around the tube at first die.

Process Benefits with OFC 45:

  • Relaxation cooling zone for low post shrinkage
  • Continuous jelly filling for continuous production
  • High-precision vacuum for stable tube dimensions with dry tube
  • Accurate tension and temperature control for stable excess length
  • Rosendahl Nextrom extruders for perfect quality, even at higher speeds

OFC 45 Specifications:

Structural speed :150 m/min
Typical production speed :70 – 100 m/min
Typical diameter of tube:8.0 – 20.0 mm
Typical fiber count in tube:144 to 720 fibers

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