BM-Rosendahl offers comprehensive solutions for large 2V stationary and traction cell production.

The IPS (industrial plate stacker) is available in two performance levels. On two-plate infeed sections, the IPS 500 processes 35 plates per minute. The larger-sized stacker IPS 1000 offers twice the performance. 70 plates are stacked per minute, coming from 4 plate infeeds. Two positive and two negative infeed sections with 4 leaf type magazines cover the high performance of industrial cells. Due to the precise alignment of each plate, the IPS achieves best stacking quality.

BM-Rosendahl knows what the market requires and has therefore invested in the best lug preparation for excellent cast-on quality, like lug V-shape cutting (US cropping), lug milling as well as lug brushing. The company is known for its customization level, which is why developments are very often undertaken together with the battery manufacturer.

Overall, the IPS 500/1000 is a very modern technology system, where automatic quality checks help to achieve best battery cells. BM-Rosendahl’s innovative quality check systems are equipped with state-of-the-art camera systems. They constantly detect the quality of the cell configuration, lug shape and separator orientation. The quality and process flow are visualized via tablets which support flexible machine handling.

The IPS is a very modern package with great output performance. Higher efficiency is also achieved thanks to various self-repair functions. Learn more about this solution at:



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